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English Speaking Dentist
in Toyano, Chuo-ku, Niigata


Our Precautionary Measures Against COVID-19

To prevent from spreading COVID-19, we are taking following measures.

  • Patients and their attendants will be required to wear a mask, use the hand sanitizer and check their temperature when they enter our office.
  • We use extra-oral suction machine to prevent droplet infection.
  • We sanitize medical equipments in an autoclave and the places people touch, include door handles and a sofa, by sanitizer.
  • We use constant ventilation system.
  • We installed anti-droplet isolation film.
  • Our staffs are STRICTLY required to wear a mask, wash their hands frequently.
Our staffs often talk about measures in meeting to improve our measures. Thank you for your cooperation.

About Us

For around 4 decades, we have served the Niigata community and provided patients with fine dental care.

You might be worry about getting dental treatment in a foreign country. Don't worry! You can explain what is wrong with you and what you want in English! English-talking dentist will help you relax - as if you’re with close friends and family!

Relaxing, friendly and easy to understand. These are words our patients frequently use to describe us. Should you have a dental or sleep problem, please feel free to contact us!

Dr. Yuki Kitamura

His Career
2011 Graduated from the Nippon Dental University School of Life Dentistry at Niigata
2011 Obtained national dentist's license from Minister of Health, Labour and Welfareas of Japan
2018 Became board certified dentist of the Japanese Society of Sleep Research

Dental Service in Niigata

You are lucky to live in Niigata because dental service in Niigata is of high quality. The number of rotten teeth in 12 years old kids is the lowest in Japan for 2 decades. And the number of children, from 6 years old children to 12 years old children, who have rotten teeth is also the lowest in Japan in 2019. If you are a member of National Health Insurance of Japan, it depends on your country and treatment, you may less pay for dental treatment than you pay on your country.

Even though dental service in Niigata is good, only few dentists can speak English in Niigata. In Kitamura Dental Office, English-talking dentist examines you in English. You can explain your symptoms and what you want in our dental office. We are always welcoming foreigners!

The Percentage of The Children Who Have Rotten Teeth in 2019

Our Services

We provide comprehensive dental care what you need. We regarded whole mouth as just one thing, cannot be divided. We don't only fix bad teeth, we can fix your bite and change how your smile looks too.

We treat sleep apnea too. Kitamura Dental Office is the one of the two medical institution in Niigata pref. where Japanese Society of Sleep Reserch certified dentist treats sleep apnea. Proper treatments could make your quality of life higher than you think.

General Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Sleep Dentistry

Why don't you meet us
when you are
following situations?


  • Your tooth hurts

  • You have a sensitive tooth

  • Your tooth looks black

Gum Disease

  • Your gums bleed

  • Your tooth gets loose

  • You have bad breath

Child's Dental

  • You want your child's teeth protect with fluoride varnish

  • You want to keep your child's even teeth

  • You and your child wants to see dentist together


  • You want to fix uneven teeth

  • You want to whiten your teeth

  • You want pink and healthy gums


  • You want to clean your teeth

  • You want to learn practices for healthy teeth

Sleep Apnea

  • You are always sleepy

  • You you snore quite badly

  • You can't sleep well

Contact Information

Call us for appoitment
〒 950-0951
2-5-21 Toyano, Chuo-ku, Niigata-shi, Niigata-ken

6 cars include priority covered parking
An elevator for a wheelchair and a stroller is available

We are located on Shicho-Sen near Route 116. You can access very easily from the central of the city.
The Toyano "Inverted" Bamboo Grove which is designated as a special natural treasure is near us.

By Car

If you come from Route 116, turn at the Toyano intersection on Route 116, you can find 7-eleven, to go to Shicho-sen.
You'll find our dental office near Toyano intersection on Shicho-sen.
And you can very easy to come from Meike IC, Kurosaki IC and high way too.

By Bus

8 minutes walk away from "Meike-Atago(女池愛宕)" bus stop.

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We sincerely want every single patient attends our dental office comfortably and safely.
We renovated the office in 2020 on the basis of Universal Design.
Universal design is a broader concept than accessible design. Everybody benefits, not only people with disabilities or pregnant women.
Kitamura Dental Office was reborn as very comfortable and relaxing office for Everybody.

See also "What is Universal Design?"

Separated Space

Do you not like it when someone sees your dental bridge?
Don't worry. We have a separated space for the person like you.
Nobody can see your mouth so that you can relax and see the dentist.

Consultation Room

We understand privacy is very important for patients to see dentists comfortably. That's why we have a consultation room.
English-talking dentist explains your oral health state and treatments in English.
Needless to say, you can ask question in English as well.


Universal Design is inclusive of Accessibility. Kitamura Dental Office provides accessibility features.
We have a priority covered parking. A patient in a wheelchair won't get wet with rains and snows so that the priority parking is just in front of an entrance with an elevator for wheelchair.
And we doubled handrails on main entrance stairs to help patients having a difficulty in going up and down stairs.

For Kids And Family

When you and your kid want to see a dentist together, you don't want to leave your kid alone in the dental office, right?
You don't leave your kid alone in our office because we have an indoor playground with fence not in a reception room but in an examination room.
Using an elevator for a stroller, you can go inside easily with your stroller.
You and your kids can see the dentist with fun.

Office Hours

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
9:00am to 0:30pm
2:30pm to 5:00pm

◆: We are open from 9 am to noon and from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm on Saturday.
Close:Sunday and national holidays